Managing the project scope - Defining the Project Scope Statement

6 important questions on Managing the project scope - Defining the Project Scope Statement

How can one realize product analysis?

  • Product breakdown - the components and how they work together
  • Systems engineering - satisfying customers needs, costs, requirements and quality demands (e.g. all system components)
  • Value engineering - reducing costs, increasing profits, while improving quality
  • Value analysis - focus on cost/ quality ratio. Expected quality against acceptable costs
  • Function analysis - test the functions of the product against cost, quality, profit
  • Quality function deployment - philosophy and practice to understand customer needs

How does one overcome the temptation to fall in love with solutions too quickly?

Finding alternatives by any creative method like brainstorming or lateral thinking.

During scope definition, what roles do experts play?

  • Identifying, documenting, prioritizing and agreeing upon on the expectations of stakeholders of the project.
  • Agreeing on the project's key performance indicators that defines project success or failure (and against which project performance is measured against)
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What is the purpose of a project scope statement?

It is a powerful document that project manager and the project team will use as a point of reference for potential changes, added work and any project decisions.

What does a project scope statement include or refer to?

  • Product scope description
  • Product acceptance criteria
  • Identification of high level project deliverables in and out of scope
  • Project exclusions (project boundaries)
  • Project constraints - anything that restricts the project manager's options
  • Project assumptions

What information is important to establish and refer (or include) to when defining the project scope statement?

  • Initial project organization
  • Initial defined risks
  • Scheduled milestones
  • Fund limits
  • Cost estimate
  • Project configuration management requirements
  • Project approval requirements

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