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What were the three waves of feminism?

First wave: 1840s and 1850s, emergence of the women's suffrage movement.
Second wave: 1960s. Rooted in radical feminism.
Third wave: 1970s. Characterized by doubts about the conventional goal of gender equality, placing an emphasis instead on differences.

What are liberal feminists?

(F.e Wollstonecraft).
Have tended to understand female subordination in terms of the unequal distribution of rights and opportunities in society. Concerned with the reform of the 'public' sphere; enhancing the legal and political status of women + educational and career prospects.

What are socialist feminists?

Highlight the link between female subordination and the capitalist mode of production, drawing attention to the economic significance of women being confined to a domestic life where they relieve male workers of the burden of domestic labour.
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What do radical feminists believe?

That gender divisions are the most fundamental and politically significant cleavages in society. In their view, all societies are characterized by patriarchy.
Radical feminists claim the need for a sexual revolution, which will restructure personal, domestic and family life. (the personal is the political).

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