Role of assemblies - Functions of assemblies - Scrutiny and oversight

3 important questions on Role of assemblies - Functions of assemblies - Scrutiny and oversight

What is the ability of assemblies to constrain or check executive power?

Assemblies have increasingly become scrutinizing bodies, the principal role of which is to deliver responsibility or accountability (cross-examination, vote of confidence).

What is the role of assemblies in China when it comes to calling executives to account?

Control by a monopolistic party has turned the assembly into a mere propoganda weapon, with government policy nearly always being approved by unanimous votes.

How does party discipline constrain parliamentary scrutiny in for example the Westminster-style systems?

The principal function is to uphold and support government, since the majority of its members of the assembly belong to the governing party. The job of scrutiny thus passes to the opposition parties, which, as long as the government retains majority control, have no power to remove it.

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