Motor systems: the organization of action

10 important questions on Motor systems: the organization of action

The higher monitored and modulated by two other key motor systems. Which are these

The cerebellum and the basal ganglia

What are the interacting subsystems of neural circuit

Lower motor neurons in the spinal cord and brainstem; upper motor neurons in the cortex and brainstem; the cerebellum; the basal ganglia

What does lower motor neurons

Begin to fire action potentials immediately preceding contraction of the muscles they innervate their activity is correlated with movement of the relevant body part
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What do the upper motor neurons do

The cerebral cortex and brainstem provide descending control of local circuitry in the spinal cord and brainstem

The parietal cortex is crucial for sensory motor coordination. What is it called when someone has damage here

Optic ataxia

What does the partial cortex intergate

Visual, eye position and limb position data necessary produce coordinated movement of the eyes and hands

Lesions of the medial cerebellar vermis result in what

Truncal ataxia (uncoordinated), like when you are druk movement

Damage of the lateral cerbellum results in

Appendicular ataxie; disruption  the sensory coordinates of limb movements

What sort of cognitive tasks is the cerebellum involved in

Non-motor learning, attention, timing and verbal working memory

In what area is damage linked to ideational and ideomotor apraxie

Damage in the parietal and premotor cortex

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