Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

4 important questions on Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

What is consumer buyer behaviour?

Consumer behavior is the buying behavior of all final consumers. Individuals and households who buy goods or services to use for personal consumption (End-Users).

Marketers are interested in pointing out how the stimuli factors are transformed in 3 types of responses, which?

1. Buying attitudes and preferences
2. Buying behavior
3. Brand and company relationship behavior

The central question for marketers is 'how do consumers respond to various marketing efforts the company might use? The starting point is the stimulus-response model. What three aspects does this model contains?

The environment, the black box and the buyer response.

The environment sends marketing and other stimuli. The black box is the buyer's mental process that transforms to the actual response to the environment in terms of attitude, behavior and engagement.

The black box is build up on characteristics and decision process.
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The black box of a consumer is based up on buyer's characteristics and the decision process. Of what categories do these two aspects exist?

1. The characteristics are based up on cultural, societal, personal and psychological categories.
2. The decision process is the following:
A. Recognition
B. Information research
C. Alternative evaluation
D. Purchase decision
E. Post purchase behavior.

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