Company and Marketing Strategy - Designing the Business Portfolio

7 important questions on Company and Marketing Strategy - Designing the Business Portfolio

What are the 2 stages of the business portfolio?

1. Analyzing the current business portfolio
2. Deciding on the businesses that are worthy to invest in

In order to better utilize strong resources and cut down weaker ones, managament has to evaluate the products and businesses that make up the company. Through which 3 steps can this be done?

1. Defining strategic business units (SBU's)
2. Align business portfolio with firm's competences and philosophy by evaluating
3. Management makes the role of each SBU clear for in the future

How can the profit made by cash cows be used?

To invest in the question marks.
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Which 4 disadvantages does the BCG matrix have?

1. Time-consuming
2. Hard to measure
3. Difficult and costly to implement
4. No advice for the future

What is market penetration?

Attained via marketing mix improvements in product design, pricing, advertising by making more sales and within changing its original product.

What is market development?

Concerned with finding or creating new markets for its current product.

What is product development?

Presenting modified/new products to an existing market.

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