Creating Competitive Advantage - Competitive Strategies

6 important questions on Creating Competitive Advantage - Competitive Strategies

What is entrepreneurial marketing?

Approach where mature companies get stuck in formulated marketing and lose their creative spirit and forget to utilize customer relations.

What are middle of the roaders?

Companies that do not have one strategy and try to do everything and fail.

Companies can be in leadership position if they deliver superior value to customers through one of the 3 value disciplines, which?

1. Operational excellence
2. Customer intimacy
3. Product leadership
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Name 4 roles/places that a company can have within a market?

1. Market leader
2. Market challenger
3. Market follower
4. Market nicher

What is indirect attack?

Attack at the weak point of the competitor.

What are 2 ways to attack for a market challenger?

1. Frontal attack
2. Indirect attack

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