Analyzing the Marketing Environment - The Political and Social Environment / The Cultural Environment

7 important questions on Analyzing the Marketing Environment - The Political and Social Environment / The Cultural Environment

What does the leglasiation in the political environment protect?

- Companies from each other
- Consumers from unfair business
- The interest of society against unrestrained business behavior

What is cause-related marketing?

Emerging aspect of marketing, in which companies support a socially responsible and positive image of themselves by linking their brands to worthwhile causes like hunger, poverty and wildlife.

What do companies do to meet social responsibility?

They link their products to worthwhile causes, promising the consumer their money will be put to society's needs.
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Within the cultural environment we distinguish core beliefs and secondary beliefs. What's the difference between those two?

The core beliefs are more persistence, however the secondary belief are more open to change.

In the cultural environment, there are characteristics that affect marketing decision-making, which 2?

1. Core beliefs and cultural values
2. Shifts in secondary cultural values

What are core beliefs and values?

They have a high persistence and shape everyday attitude and behavior, are conveyed by parents, schools, businesses and government.

Shifts in secondary beliefs and values tend to be forecasted by marketers, on which 6 aspects do marketers focus?

1. Way people view themselves
2. Peoples' view of others
3. Peoples' view on organizations
4. Peoples' view on society
5. Peoples' view on nature
6. Peoples' view on the universe

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