Persenal selling and sales promotion - The Personal Selling Process

7 important questions on Persenal selling and sales promotion - The Personal Selling Process

What are the 7 steps of the personal selling process?

1. Prospecting and qualifying
2. Pre-approach
3. Approach
4. Presentation and demonstration
5. Handling objectives
6. Closing
7. Follow-up

What is prospecting and qualifying?

Where the sales force identifies qualified prospective clients. Salespeople have to get closer to many clients to achieve a few sales, by detecting the right ones.

What is approach in the personal selling process?

Time where the customer and the salesperson meet for the first tume. This part involves a decent appearance, opening line and the following remarks.
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What is presentation and demonstration in the personal selling process?

Showing the customer the value of the offer the company is about to offer to the client, by offering a customer solution approach. The seller must learn to develop solutions to present by improving their listening skills, empathy, honesty, thoroughness and follow-through. Also a well prepared presentation is very important.

What is handling objectives in the personal selling process?

Asks for a positive approach by a salesperson by: using the out-hidden objections, asking the buyer to clarify his objections, give more information and transform the objections into sales.

What is closing in the personal selling process?

Asking customer about the order by approaching help to writing the order or extra quantities/discounts.

What is follow up in the personal selling process?

Guarantee that the buyer is satisfied and wants to repeat the business. Salespeople can assure this by setting an appointment for a follow-up call to arrange the installation, instructions and services occurrence.

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