Analyzing the Marketing Environment - The Microenvironment / The Macroenvironment

14 important questions on Analyzing the Marketing Environment - The Microenvironment / The Macroenvironment

Explain internal environment of a company?

All the interconnected departments inside the company - finance, management, research, purchasing - create the internal environment.

What does the microenvironment consist of?

1. Company
2. Suppliers
3. Distributors
4. Customer Market
5. Competitors
6. Publics

In the micro environment we also have 'public'. What is this and which 7 do we identify?

A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on the organization's ability to achieve its objectives. We distinguish the following:
- Media
- Financial
- Government
- Citizen-action
- Internal
- General
- Local
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What is a reseller?

Section of the distrubution channel brings customers to the firm, or sells the products directly to them.

What does the macroenvironment consist of?

1. Demographic influences
2. Political influences
3. Economic influences
4. Natural influences
5. Cultural influences
6. Technological influences

What are the four levels of competition we distinguish in the micro environment?

- Budget/competition industry
- Generic competition; beverage appliances
- Product class; category
- Product; form / type

What are physical distribution firms?

They transport their products from origin to their destination.

Managers decide their strategy based up on SWOT, marketing environment (PESTEL & Porter) and analysis among growth share (offering level). With which tool can you do the latter?

With the BCG matrix in which you determine the big picture. This tool can help to give direction the development of products and services. It's based up on market growth share and relative market share.

Stars; high growth share and high relative market share
Question mark; high growth share, but low relative market share
Cash cow: low growth share, high relative market share
Dog: low growth share and low relative market share

Name 2 examples of financial publics?

1. Stockholders
2. Financial analyst

Name 2 examples of media publics?

1. Newspaper
2. TV

What is important about competitors in the macroenvironment?

Companies must gain a strategic advantage by positioning offerings strongly, against competing offerings in the minds of consumers.

What kind of publics are there and what do they consist of?

1. Financial publics (Influences company's ability to gain funds.
2. Media publics (news)
3. Goverment publics
4. Citizen-action publics (environment groups, consumer organizations)
5. Local publics (neighborhood)
6. General publics
7. Internal publics (workers, managers, volunteers, and directors)

Name 2 citizin action publics?

1. Environmental groups
2. Minority groups

What are the customers in the microenvironment?

1. Consumer markets (consists of individuals)
2. Business markets (buy products or services for further processing or use in their production process)
3. Political markets (buy goods or services to produce public services or transfer these goods or services to people who need them) 
4. Resellers (buy products to resell to make profit)
5. International markets (all of the above, but internationally)

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