Persenal selling and sales promotion - Personal Selling

16 important questions on Persenal selling and sales promotion - Personal Selling

What is personal selling?

A presentation by the firm's sales force with the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships.

Name 4 examples of a firm's sales force?

1. Sales representatives
2. Agents
3. Account executives
4. Sales consultants

What is the difference between personal selling and advertising?

Personal selling is more difficult, since it is a presentation offered to fit the special needs of each customer.
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What is important when it comes to the coordination of marketing and sales in personal selling?

That these two departments communicate with each other and for example set mutual objectives and rewards for marketing and sales team.

The design of the sales force requires different strategies and structured decisions. Name 3 aspects of this?

1. Sales force structure
2. Sales force size
3. Other sales force stratgies

Explain a territorial sales force structure?

Sales force that assigns each sales person to an exclusive geographic territory where the sales person sells the full line of products.

What are the 2 main advantages of territorial sales force structure?

1. Build strong customer relationship with local customers
2. Reduce transportation costs

Explain a product sales force structure?

Organization that focuses on selling only a part of the company's products or lines.

What is the drawback of product sales force structure?

The sales staff is responsible for different lines which can bring higher transaction costs by serving to the same customer.

Explain customer sales force structure?

Organzation where the salespeople focus on selling only to certain cusomer industries.

Explain complex salesforce structure? Name and example and why this is done?

Combination of different sales force structures, for example a combination of product sales force structure and customer sales force structure. When the company sells a variety of products to different customers.

Explain the sales force size?

This varies to the needs and capabilities of the company, as they make one of the most expensive assets.

What is team selling?

Organization approach used for composite accounts where sales, marketing, finance, technical support and upper management is used for to have an extended service.

Name the 6 aspects of sales force management?

1. Designing sales force strategy and structure
2. Recruiting and selecting salespeople
3. Training salespeople
4. Compensating salespeople
5. Supervising salespeople
6. Evaluating salespeople

What is organizational climate?

Used to describe the way salesforce feels about their opportunities, values, and rewards of a good performance.

What is sales quota?

A standard that states the amount a salesperson should sell and how sales should be divided among the company's products.

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