EIGRP - Additional and Advanced EIGRP Features - Router ID

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What is the function of the EIGRP Router-ID?

to identify a router instance. Each route advertised in EIGRP carries the RID of the router that injected it into EIGRP. A router will discard every received route carrying the router's own RID

How much byte is the Router-ID with IPv6?

4 byte

without a RID EIGRP does not function

CBT nuggets  EIGRP for ipv6

What is the command to show EIGRP RID?

R1#sh eigrp protocols
EIGRP-IPv4 VR(as1) Address-Family Protocol for AS(1)
  Metric weight K1=1, K2=0, K3=1, K4=0, K5=0 K6=0
  Metric rib-scale 128
  Metric version 64bit
  NSF-aware route hold timer is 240
  Topology : 0 (base)
    Active Timer: 3 min
    Distance: internal 90 external 170
    Maximum path: 4
    Maximum hopcount 100
    Maximum metric variance 1
    Total Prefix Count: 1
    Total Redist Count: 0

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