IS-IS - IS-IS packet - Hello Packets

6 important questions on IS-IS - IS-IS packet - Hello Packets

What is the abbreviation for IIH?

IS-IS hello

What is the abbreviation for DIS and what does it?

Designated IS

similar like a DR in ospf

What type of hello messages does IS-IS use on broadcast interfaces?

Separate hello packet types for L1 and L2 adjancencies.
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What type of message does IS-IS send on a point-to-point interface?

L1L2 Hello also called point-to-point hello

What command can used to change the hold time for IS-IS and what is the default multiplier?

isis hello-multiplier multiplier [level]

The multiplier default is 3

What is the default hello timer for the DIS?

one third of the configured timers

DIS sends Hellos every 10/3=3,333 seconds and a hold timer of 30/3= 10 seconds

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