IP Forwarding (Routing) - Policy Routing

7 important questions on IP Forwarding (Routing) - Policy Routing

In which order are the statements evaluated when a single route map contains multiple set statements?

-set ip next-hop
-set interface
-set ip default next-hop
-set default interface

What is required to change when using PBR on a 3650, 3750 and what is the command?

Change sdm

sdm prefer template-name

What does the command set ip/ipv6 next-hop ip-address [....ip-address]  and what must be in a connected subnet?

Forwards to first address in list

Next-hop address must be in a connected subnet
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What does the command set default interface interface-type interface-number  [....interface-type interface-number]? What will be ignored? What is the recommended interface to use this command?

Policy routing first attempts to route based on routing table.
If no match is found packet will be handled by PBR.
Default route will be ignored

Recommended only for point-to-point interfaces

What does the command set ip/ipv6 precedence number | name?

Set ip precedence bits, can be a decimal in the range fo 0-7 or textual  name  (ipv4 only). Supported for IPv4 and IPv6

If next-hop router fails with ip policy based routing. Which command can be used to converge faster?

set ip next-hop verify-availability x.x.x.x 1 track X

What does the command ip local policy do?

To locally policy based routed (traffic with the source of the router itself)

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