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6 important questions on EIGRP - EIGRP Metrics, Packets, and Adjacencies - EIGRP Classic Metrics

What are the six components EIGRP uses for its metric?

  1. Bandwidth
  2. delay
  3. reliability
  4. hop count
  5. load
  6. MTU

When calculating the composite reliability metric to a destination, which value does EIGRP use?

the minimal reliability along the path (worst reliability)

Reliability is a dynamic value, but does it send a update when the reliability changes?

no, it does not. EIGRP is a event-driven protocol. It could potentially induce an instable routing table  into the network.
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Which 2 metric counters are used in IOS for load?

Txload for outgoing traffic
Rxload for incoming traffic

Is the MTU metric used in the calculation of the composite metric in EIGRP?

No, it has never been implemented

What is the function of the hop count metric in EIGRP?

It is a security measure. EIGRP routers can be configured to advertise each route having its hop count over a predefined threshold as unreachable.

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