RIPv2 and RIPng - RIPv2 Basics

13 important questions on RIPv2 and RIPng - RIPv2 Basics

What is the transport protocol and number for RIP?

UDP 520

What is used for metric and maximum for RIP?

15 max

What is the multicast update destination for RIPv2?
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What does the command ip rip v2-broadcast?

RIP than uses broadcast instead of

What are the updates for RIP?

Full updates each interval.

For on-demand circuits, allows RIPv2 to send full updates once, then remain silent until change occur (RFC 2091)

When are there triggered updates with RIP?

When routes change

What authentication does RIPv2 support?

plain-text and MD5

Are route tags supported with RIP?

Yes with RIPv2, to tag routes when they are redistributed into RIPv2.

What can RIP do with the Next Hop Field?

Allow a router to advertise a next-hop router that is different from itself

What are the two types of messages for RIP?


How can RIP ask the neighbor to send a partial or full RIP update immediately?

With a request message.

When are RIP request messages for full updates sent? 3

-RIP process is being started
-RIP enabled interface comes up
-Clear ip route is used

What is the command to load-balance RIP?

router ip

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