EIGRP - Additional and Advanced EIGRP Features - Route Summarization

4 important questions on EIGRP - Additional and Advanced EIGRP Features - Route Summarization

What is the command to summarize with a leak-map?

R1(config-router-af-interface)#summary-address leak-map

Leak-map is used for leaking specific prefixes configured with the route-map

What will be installed when a summary address is advertised and why?

-Discard route; identical to network and netmask of advertised summary and outgoing interface set to Null0

When route has no specific match on a subnet, the traffic is dropped.

Which metric is send with a summarized route in EIGRP and when is it updated?

The lowest metric from the routes that are included in this summary address

Every time when the lowest component is updated. This is cpu intensive. It is better to give the summarize a default metric.
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What is the command to change default metric for a summarized route?

(config-router-af-topology)#summary-metric distance

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