IS-IS - Areas in IS-IS

6 important questions on IS-IS - Areas in IS-IS

What do L2 router advertise?

-L1 routes from directly connected network
-L1 routes from it's own area
-L1 link-state database injected into its L2 LSP (not leaked)

What are the three flags used with IS-IS?

-OL Overload flag
-P partition bit (not implemented)
-ATT Attached

What does the IS-IS ATT flag when the bit is set?

When router recieves an LSP with ATT flag set, it will install the route as the default route.
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When is the overload bit used and what happens when it is set to 0?

Used when link-state database is overloaded.

SPF router's will ignore the sending router when computing shortest path

What will still be used in SPF when overload bit is set to 0?

Directly attached networks from the sending router.

To the router can not be a transit router but the directly connect networks can still be reached.

What is the difference for a L2 router between a L1 route or a L1 route external route?

L2 network do not discriminate between L1 networks and external L1 networks.

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