IS-IS - Foundation Summary

5 important questions on IS-IS - Foundation Summary

What does the MaxAge, a.k.a. RemainingLifetime mean?

The maximum remaining lifetime of an LSP without receiving a newer
copy of the LSP
, before the LSP expires. Default is 1200 seconds (20 minutes)

What does the Hello timer mean?

Per interface; time interval between Hellos. Default is 10 seconds.
Independent for L1 and L2 Hellos on broadcast interfaces.

What does the CSNP Interval mean?

Per interface; defines the time interval between sending consecutive CSNP
packets if the router is a DIS on that interface. Defaults to 10 seconds.
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What is a Local Circuit ID?

Internal enumeration (opsomming) of circuits by a router, 1 octet.

What is Extended Local Circuit ID?

Internal enumeration of point-to-point circuits for three-way handshaking purpose, 4 octets

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