RIPv2 and RIPng - RIPv2 Convergence and Loop Prevention

12 important questions on RIPv2 and RIPng - RIPv2 Convergence and Loop Prevention

What does RIP Counting to Infinity mean?

If the next hop to a particular destination network advertises
that network with a suddenly increased metric, accept the
advertisement immediately and update our metric accordingly.
If the updated metric reaches infinity, stop using that next

What does RIP split horizon mean?

Instead of advertising all routes out a particular interface,
RIPv2 omits the routes whose outgoing interface field
matches the interface out which the update would be sent

What does Split Horizon with Poisoned Reverse mean?

A stronger variant of Split Horizon: All routes whose
outgoing interface matches the interface out which the update
would be sent are advertised with an infinite metric.
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What does RIP Route poisening mean?

The process of sending an infinite-metric (hop count 16)
route in routing updates when that route fails, prompting its
rapid removal from routing tables

What does RIP triggered update mean?

The immediate sending of a new update when routing
information changes, instead of waiting for the Update timer
to expire. Only the changed network is sent in the triggered
update. Complete updates continue to be sent in regular

What is the RIP Update timer and what is the default interval time?

The timer that specifies the time interval over which updates
are sent. Each interface uses an independent timer, defaulting
to 30 seconds.

What is the RIP Holddown timer and what is default value for the timer?

A per-route timer (default 180 seconds) that begins after
a route has been declared invalid (that is, after the Invalid
after timer expires). The router starts advertising that route as
unreachable, does not accept any updated information, and
does not modify the routing table entry for that route until
the Holddown timer for that route expires

What is the RIP Flushed after timer and what is default value for the timer?

A per-route timer (default 240 seconds) that is reset and
begins after an update about a route has been received from
its next hop
. If the updates about the route from its next hop
cease to be received and the Flushed after timer reaches its
limit, the router removes the route from the routing table

What does the output mean "is possibly down" of show ip route?

The invalid timer is stopped

What does the command ip rip triggered?

Turn on triggered rip updates

Send full updates and then be silent, to support demand circuits

When are triggered RIP updates sent and what is sent?

-Specific request for a routing update full
-Modification of routing database partial
-Interface up/down partial
c-Id-Router is powered on partial

What is the command to change the update timers with RIP?

(config-router)#timers basic update invalid hold-down flush
(config-router)#timers basic 30 180 240

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