Language, identity and interculturality - Cultural identity

7 important questions on Language, identity and interculturality - Cultural identity

What is cultural identity?

A collection of multiple identities, consisting of predominantly ethnic identities along with other intersecting identities such as race, nationality, gender, class and religious affiliation.

Why do ethnicity and race play such a prominent role in cultural identity?

One of the first things we notice about people when we meet them is their race.

What do we use when we categorise others' ethnicity and race?

A range of audible, visible and readable cues and we rely on our prior experience and knowledge of the salient features of a species.
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What do some studies identify a link between?

Between visual and audio cues, how we hear and imagine accent through someone's appearance.

What did studies on visible cues reveal?

How one's prior knowledge of ethnicity and categorisation of ethnicity through racial phenotype can lead to bias in perception and result in linguistic discrimination.

What is an example of readable cues?

Name; those who carry foreign names may find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for jobs.

What have studies regarding how you write shown?

Second language speakers' texts differ from native speakers' in a variety of linguistic and rhetorical aspects and in the degree of flexibility. when it comes to presenting themselves as desirable, there were salient differences in several aspects between British students and those international students from China in a postgraduate course in a UK university.

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