The workplace - Humour (I didn't get that!)

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What is supportive humour?

Participants add to, elaborate on, or strengthen the propositions or arguments of previous contributions.

What are the primary functions of humour in the workplace?

  • Humour contributes to social cohesion in the workplace by doing collegiality and promoting solidarity
  • Humour can be used to defuse pressure and as a discourse strategy to cushion difficult and embarrassing topics. Humour can, as a face-saving strategy, modify the force of undesirable acts
  • Humour can be used strategically to include and simultaneously exclude participation in meetings and have subsequent consequences on relationships

Which three steps are required to understand humour?

  1. recognition
  2. understanding
  3. appreciation
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At which seven levels may a speaker fail to engage in a humourous exchange?

  1. failure to process language at the locutionary level
  2. failure to understand the meaning of words
  3. failure to understand pragmatic force of utterances
  4. failure to recognise the humourous frame, either missing a joke or seeing a joke where none was intended
  5. failure to understand the incongruity of the joke
  6. failure to appreciate the joke
  7. failure to join in the joking

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