Family - Migrant families (I'm British on paper, but am I English?)

8 important questions on Family - Migrant families (I'm British on paper, but am I English?)

Which types of migrants exist?

  • educational migrants
  • highly skilled and business migrants
  • migrant workers
  • migrants for settlement
  • diaspora
  • irregular/illegal migrants
  • refugees or asylum seekers
  • return migrants or returnees
  • transnationals

What are educational migrants?

International students, trainees and their dependents.

What are highly skilled and business migrants?

Professionals sent abroad by their companies (often referred to as expatriates, or expats for short) or those seeking employment outside their home countries.
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What are migrants for settlement?

Anyone whose primary purpose in crossing geographical borders is to live in the host country for a variety of reasons: better climate or living conditions, family links, education, social mobility, etc.

What are irregular/illegal migrants?

Those who enter a country through an illegal means and seek employment.

What are refugees or asylum seekers?

Those who love outside their own countries and are unable or unwilling to return either for fear of persecution or lack of basic economic and social infrastructure needed for survival following a natural disaster or war.

What are return migrants or returnees?

People who return to their countries of origin after staying away for a period of time.

What does language ideology reflect?

Speakers' view about the socio-cultural values of different languages.

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