Carbohydrates - Chemistry of charboydrates

6 important questions on Carbohydrates - Chemistry of charboydrates

What are inverted sugars?

50% glucose, 50% fructose
  • they are produced by enzymatic cleavages of sucrose into 2 individual monosaccharides.
  • it is a little bit sweeter then sucrose.
  • Used in the production of alcoholic baverages
  • Used to slow down crystallization of sugar and to keep the moisture in the product.
  • Honey is a natural form.

What is high fructose corn syrup?

mixture of glucose and fructose form corn
  • Corn starch goes trough several enzymatic reaction and is partly converted to glucose and fructose.
  • 1/4 of the syrup is H2O
  • Final ratio of glucose and fructose is expressen in HFCS with a number, HFCS 50 stand for 55% fructose 45% glucose

What are dietary fibres?

They can not be absorbed by the body since hydrolosiation is not possible by the enzymes.
  • They can be fermented by bacteria
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How can we divide dietary fibers in 2 groups?

Soluble and insoluble vibers
soluble ar viscous fibers
insoluble ar non viscous fibers

How can we divide dietary fibers in 3 groups?

  1. Fibers naturally formed and consumed
  2. Fibers obtaind form raw materials by physical enzymatic or chemical means
  3. Fibers synthatic carbohydrate polymers

1 is orignaly present and it is proved it promotes health
2 and 3 are added to foods and not sure yet if thyey promote health..

What is the health bennefit of deanery fibers?

Support propper function of the GI track and prevents consitpation..

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