Carbohydrates and health - Replacing sugar by non nutritive sweetners

6 important questions on Carbohydrates and health - Replacing sugar by non nutritive sweetners

What are non nutritive sweetness?

They are made artificially, high sweedness, need to add less, low contribution to caloric intake.

Why is aspartane only used in soft drinks?

Unstable when heated.

Why does aperture has a bad name?

Because it forms formaldehyde. But other foods have way more of this.
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Why does pepsi use sucralose instead of aspertan?

It has a Cl instead of a OH group.

What is the relationship with light products and weight gain?

It is found that people who eat light products are more fat.
This is probably because people who need light products are already fat. So it is no prove.

What are nutritive sweetners?

They are also called sugar alcohols or bulk sweetness. They contain a bit less or the same amount of calories and are equally or less sweet.

They are useful for people with diabetes since the glucose level in the blood is not increased by them.

They also are no substrate for bacteria so they are not bad for the tooth.

They ave a laxative effect.

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