Barrier technology - Mechanical behaviour

3 important questions on Barrier technology - Mechanical behaviour

When a product is not rigid, but may change in shape, the coating needs to be flexible. What are the coatings based on?

  • Polymers (e.g. Proteins) can be adjusted to meet the flexibility demand
  • Pure proteins or polysaccharides (too brittle) + plasticiser (e.g. Glycerol)

Why is water not a good plasticiser for proteins/polysaccharides to form a coating?

  • Water has the tendency to migrate to locations of low water activity
  • Water has the tendency to evaporate. If this happens, the film will at least lose its flexibility and the coating may fail

How are the molecular weight of the plasticiser and the speed of migration related?

The larger the Mw, the slower its migration to other places will be.

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