Introducing Project Time Management - Considering the Resource Requirements

6 important questions on Introducing Project Time Management - Considering the Resource Requirements

What is the law of diminishing returns?

At some point the duration to effort ration becomes saturated and adding laborers becomes counterproductive.

What do we mean resource dependency?

That if certain activities require a worked with a highly specialized skills, these activities are resource-dependent.

What does a project manager need to do in case a worker is not available for an activity at a planned time?

  • Negotiate to make the resource available
  • Move the activity
  • Wait for the resource to become available with the activity
  • Incur additional costs by finding other resources for the activity
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What is the most important consideration for a project manager when negotiating resources?

That the project must not be delayed and the project manager must do as much as he can (negotiate, trade-offs in costs or other projects) to secure the resource for the activity.

Define - resource breakdown structure

A decomposition of the utilization of the project resources by category, phase or type of resources.

Why is it important to update the activity list after creating the PND?

This is essential documentation. The WBS, the activity list and the network diagram should all support the project scope. A key stakeholder needs to be able to follow the logic of the WBS to the activity list to find all activities mapped in order.

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