Implementing Project Integration Management - Performing Integrated Change Control

3 important questions on Implementing Project Integration Management - Performing Integrated Change Control

What are considered to be tools and techniques for integrated change control?

  • Relying on a change control system - a formal process of documenting and reviewing proposed changes
  • Implementation of configuration management - a documented process of controlling the features, attributes, and technical configuration of any product or service.
  • Applying performance measurement - measuring the end result of project plan execution to determine whether the implementation meets the expected results of the project plan (e.g. earned value)
  • Revisiting Planning Processes - as a result of changes
  • Evaluating the outputs of integrated change control

What is the best approach for integrated change control?

A constant, purposeful process of reviewing, considering and evaluating of a change, followed by a decision as to whether the change is needed.

What could be the outputs of integrated change control?

  • Approved change requests
  • Rejected change requests
  • Project Plan Updates
  • Change Log Updates
  • Project Management Plan Updates
  • Project Scope Statement Updates
  • Approved Corrective Actions
  • Approved Preventive Actions
  • Approved Defect Repair
  • Project Deliverables

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