Managing the project scope - Projecting the Project Scope from Change

9 important questions on Managing the project scope - Projecting the Project Scope from Change

What are the three things that change control focuses on?

  • It facilitates scope changes to determine changes that are agreed upon
  • determining whether a scope change has happened
  • manages scope changes ,if, and when, they happen

What does a change request need to be accompanied by?

  • The supporting evidence for the need of the change
  • the change impact
  • the required planning, schedule, budget impact

What are the inputs that give guidance on scope change control?

  • The project management plan
  • The change management plan
  • The configuration management plan (to check whether the changes have impact on the final product features and characteristics)
  • The scope baseline
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How do the requirement documents need to be checked when there is scope change?

  • The requirements management plan - how changes to requirements and allowed and need to be managed
  • Requirements documentation - may be affected by scope change
  • RTM - check how a change in the requirements directly affects other requirements

What could be the source of a change request?

  • Value-added
  • External events
  • Errors or omissions
  • Risk response

What is the answer to process, document and manage change control?

The change control system

What is the one tool/ technique recognized by PMBOK for controlling project scope?

variance analysis

What is the difference between performance reports and performance measurement?

  • Performance reports signal inconsistencies, serve as output of performance reporting and are an input to change control
  • Performance measurement evaluates the degree of inconsistency, define expected and actual performance levels and measures current performance against planned.

What are other activities that need to take place as part of change control?

  • Completing additional planning - revise the planning as a result of change requests
  • Updating the project scope - scope statement, WBS, project deliverables, updating requirements, RTM etc.
  • correcting the project
  • updating lessons learned
  • adjusting the project baseliness - create a new baseline (schedule, cost, scope, time)

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