Introducing Project Procurement Management - Controlling Procurements

4 important questions on Introducing Project Procurement Management - Controlling Procurements

What do we mean with controlling procurements?

  • It is the process of ensuring that the seller lives up to the agreements in the contract. The project manager and the contract administrator must work together to make certain the seller meets their obligations.
  • Coordination between contractors. The performance of the seller is confirmed so that deliverables, schedule and performance of a contractor do not infringe or adversely affect the performance of  another contractor.
  • Controlling payments

What are three other inputs for contract administration (other than the already existing contract)?

  • Performance Reports - reports on the sellers performance
  • Work Results - sellers work results
  • Change Requests

What are the six primary concerns within contract administration?

  • The contract change control system - defines how the contract may be changed
  • Performance review and audits -
  • Performance reporting - is part of communications
  • Payment system -
  • Claims administration - disagreements and how these are managed
  • Records management system
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What is important as part of reviewing the results of procurement control?

  • Documenting correspondence
  • Documenting contract changes
  • Manage / document payment requests

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