Adapting the Project Management Process - Learning the Project Processes

5 important questions on Adapting the Project Management Process - Learning the Project Processes

Who/ what completes a process?

People perform processes and thus a person or a group of people completes a process.

What is the difference between project management processes and product orientated processes.

  • Product oriented processes are unique to the application area and the deliverable the project focuses on. (Project teams much have some knowledge of the application areas, such as IT or construction)
  • Project management processes are universal to all projects regardless of the application area.

What does process group interaction mean?

  • The process groups are not solo activities
  • The groups are a collection of activities that contribute to the control and implementation of the project management life cycle
  • The output of one process group will act as input for another process group
  • And although there is logical succession and order to the flow of the processes, process groups will overlap other groups.
  • Some process groups may be repeated based on the activities within the project.
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What always true for project management processes, regardless of the project management approach?

  • The project management processes are always the same, interdependent and integrative

What is the difference between the Plan-Do-Check-Act quality approach from Edward Deming and project management?

A project will end with the 'Closing' process group, whereas Deming's quality approach is continuously repeated.

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