Project Human Resource Management - Definitions Human Resource Management

6 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Definitions Human Resource Management

Herzberg's Theory of Motivation

Posits that there are two catalysts for workers: hygiene agents and motivating agents. Hygiene agents do no nothing to motivate, but their absence demotivates workers. Hygiene agents are the expectations all workers have: job security, paychecks, clean and safe working conditions, a sense of belonging, civil working relationships, and other basic attributes associated with employment. Motivating agents are components such as reward, recognition, promotion, and other values that encourage individuals to succeed.

McGregor's Theory of X and Y

This theory states that X people are lazy, don't want to work, and need to be micromanaged. Y people are self-led, motivated and strive to accomplish.

Organizational Breakdown Structure

Though these charts are similar to the WBS, the breakdown is by department, unit or team.
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Ouchi's Theory Y

This theory posits that workers are motivated by a sense of commitment, opportunity, and advancement. Workers will work if they are challenged and motivated.

Resource breakdown structure

This type of chart breaks down the project by type of resources utilized on the project no matter where the resource is being used in the project.

Staffing Management Plan

This subsidiary plan documents how project team members will be included in the project and excused from the project. This plan is included in the human resource plan.

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