Examining the Project Life Cycle and the Organization - Defining Key General Management Skills

15 important questions on Examining the Project Life Cycle and the Organization - Defining Key General Management Skills

What is the difference between management and leadership?

  • Management is the process of getting the results that are expected by project stakeholders
  • Leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire individuals to work towards those expected results

What encompasses good project leadership?

  • motivate and inspire the project team to see the vision and value of the project
  • inspire the project team to find a solution to overcome the perceived obstacles to get the work done
  • real motivation and inspiration; having a personal relationship with the project team to help them realise their goals

Why is communicating of importance for project managers?

Since they spend the bulk of their time communicating information- not doing any other activities.
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What do we consider as active listening?

The process by which the receiver restates what the sender has said to clarify and confirm the message.

What are typical communication avenues?

  • Listening and speaking
  • Written and oral
  • Internal to the project
  • External to the project
  • Formal communications, reports and presentation
  • Information communications, emails and hallway meetings
  • Vertical communications
  • Horizontal communications

What could be considered to be key aspects of communications

  • sender-receiver models
  • media selection
  • style
  • presentation
  • meeting management

What do we understand under 'Negotiating Project Terms and Conditions'?

The project manager, the project sponsor, and the project team need to negotiate with stakeholders, vendors and customers to reach a level of agreement acceptable to all parties involved in the negotiation process.

What kind of assistance is recognized with negotiations?

Mediation and arbitration

What do we understand under problem solving?

The ability to understand the heart of a problem, look for a viable solution, and then make a decision to implement that solution.

What is the key aspect of problem solving?

Problem definition - the ability to differentiate between cause and the effect of the problem, which centers on root-cause analysis, to look beyond the immediate symptoms to the cause of the symptoms.

What is key in influencing the organization?

Understanding all the influences at work within an organization, both the unspoken influences and the formal channels. Using the politics as leverage to align and direct people to accomplish activities.

How should a project manager manage social, economic and environmental project influences?

By being aware. The acknowledgement of these influences, from both internal and external sources, allows the project manager and the project team to plan how to react to these influences in order for the project to succeed.

What is the difference between a standard and a regulation

  • Standards are accepted practices that are not necessarily mandatory
  • Regulations are rules that must be followed - otherwise, fines, penalties, or even criminal charges may result. (regulation are project requirements that must be met)

What are considered to be international influences that need to be considered by a project manager?

  • Time differences
  • Language barriers
  • Currency differences
  • Regulations and law
  • Social differences

How does a project manager need to deal with cultural influences?

He/ she needs to be aware of cultural factors like values, beliefs, political ties, religion, art, aspiration and purpose of being, and consider how these could affect project's completion, schedule, scope and cost.

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