Introducing Project Management - Defining Project Management

6 important questions on Introducing Project Management - Defining Project Management

Why is it important for the project manager to be aware of the project environment?

The environment could influence the project's success and the project could influence the environment

What do we mean with 'Enterprise Environmental Factors'?

The specific conditions of the environment of a project. The conditions, rules, policies, and culture within which the project must operate.

Which typical general management skills should a project manager have? Name at least 5?

  • Planning
  • Accounting and cash flow management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Procurement processes
  • Logistics for travel, schedule, supply chain, and order fulfillment
  • Human Resource practices and procedures
  • Industry-specific health and safety practices
  • Working with information technology
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What do we mean with interpersonal skills?

These are your abilities as a project manager to get along with stakeholders, be somewhat likeable, and work with others to reach an outcome on disagreements, problems, and challenges within the project.

Can you name different kind of interpersonal skills? (at least 5)

  • Problem solving
  • Motivating
  • Communicating
  • Team Building
  • Influencing the organization
  • Political and cultural awareness
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations

What does political and cultural awareness for a project manager mean?

  • The project manager being able to operate, manage and maintain the project in order for it to stall or fall prey to political games in the organization.
  • The project manager being aware of how organizational culture can affect the project's ability to reach it's conclusion.

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