Implementing Project Integration Management - Developing the Project Management Plan

8 important questions on Implementing Project Integration Management - Developing the Project Management Plan

What is the purpose of a project plan?

  • It provides structure - helps to provide structure to advance the project towards completion
  • It provides documentation - there is a need to document plan for historical references and to document assumptions and constraints
  • It provides communication - serves a source of communication among stakeholders how the project plan will be controlled
  • It provides baselines - provides a comparison between predictions (cost, scheduling, quality, scope) and actuals.

What are the sources of the project management plan?

  • The organizational project management methodology
  • The nature of the work to be implemented
  • The overall scope of the project

Why do all of the project management plan inputs need to be readily available for the project manager?

He or she may need to rely on this information for additional planning
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What are the two techniques needed for developing the project management plan?

  • Expert judgment - involving several stakeholders where each stakeholders contributes in it's own way
  • Facilitation techniques - direct and control the planning meetings, use different techniques to encourage participation among the stakeholders participating in the planning.

What is the purpose of a PMIS?

  • A Project Management Information System  is an automated system to create, manage and streamline the project management processes quickly.
  • It also includes a configuration management system, tracking all approved changes, versions of project plans, blueprints, software numbering and sequencing. It also includes the change control system.

What is the final step in the creation of the project plan?

After the plan has been documented it must be approved by management before the work can truly begin.

What makes up the project baseline documents?

  • The scope baseline - based on the project scope document, the WBS and the WBS dictionary
  • The cost baseline - reflecting the accumulative costs vs predictive costs
  • The schedule baseline - compare actual progress vs project schedule

What do we mean with open issues are acceptable?

Open issues are acceptable as long as they are not related to major decisions that will prevent the project from moving forward.

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