Implementing Project Integration Management - Directing and Managing the Project Work

10 important questions on Implementing Project Integration Management - Directing and Managing the Project Work

What defines the activity to 'direct and manage the project work'?

The PM and his team will go about completing the promises made in the project plan to deliver, document, measure and complete the project work.

What is considered to be scope of the execution of the project phase?

  • doing the work to satisfy project objectives
  • spending funds to satisfy project objectives
  • manage, train, lead project team
  • procurement management
  • resources management
  • risk management
  • integration of approved changes
  • communications management
  • progress/ performance reporting
  • stakeholder management
  • lessons learned documentation

Explain what a project manager must do to manage change request

After receiving change requests, he must
  • evaluate the worthiness of the proposed change
  • feed the change through the change control system and then
  • act on the approval or denial of the change request.
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What do we mean with project management methodology?

That every organization may have rules and regulations that are specific to the industry in which it operates, and that consequently the organization may have setup standard operating procedures. The project manager also needs to work within these constraints of the organization.

What are tools/ techniques a project manager can use to execute the project plan?

  • Using Expert Judgment - for some work you are reliant upon the expertise of various stakeholders
  • Employing a PMIS - to support the project manger in automation, organization and providing control of the project management processes.
  • Meeting to execute project work -  they help the various stakeholders come together and form a consensus on how the project work in the project management plan is about to commence.

What are typical components of a project execution plan?

  • Project deliverables
  • Change requests
  • Project management plan updates
  • Work performance information
  • Project document updates
  • Project management plan updates for approved change requests

What two things fall under examination of the project work results?

  • Comparing of the end results against quality metrics, scope requirements and expected outcomes of the work
  • Examine time and cost information and compare with baseline from project plan

Which four areas are almost always affected by a change request?

  • Schedule - shorten or lengthen the project duration
  • Cost - Reduction or increase in project's budget
  • Scope -
  • Combination of all

What could be the source of a change request?

  • changes for corrective actions
  • preventive actions
  • defect repair
  • updates to the project plans and documentation

What does need to take place as a consequence of changes?

The project documents need to be updated (project management plan including updating scope, cost and schedule baseline)

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