Examining the Project Life Cycle and the Organization - Meeting the Project Stakeholders

10 important questions on Examining the Project Life Cycle and the Organization - Meeting the Project Stakeholders

What kind of techniques do negative stakeholders use to influence the project?

  • Levering capital to change the project deliverable
  • Change requests to alter the project deliverable
  • Scope addendum to add to the project deliverable
  • Adding overhead (e.g. multiple review cycles)
  • Sabotage

What is the role of the project manager in stakeholder management?

To identify, align (with), and ascertain stakeholders and their expectations of the project. This could include internal but also external stakeholders.

How does identification and classification of stakeholders help project managers?

It allows the project manager to deliver effective and timely communication to the appropriate stakeholders.
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Who are the key stakeholders on a project?

  • Project manager
  • Program manager
  • Portfolio management review board
  • Functional managers
  • Project customer
  • Operations manager
  • Organizational groups
  • Project team
  • Project management team
  • Project sponsor
  • Sellers and business partners
  • The project management office

What is the best approach for project managers to manage expectations with stakeholders?

  • satisfy the needs of the customer first (customer needs/ business needs) and let that guide the project through the lifecycle
  • once the scope is aligned with the customer's need, the project manager can work to satisfy the different stakeholder expectations

Where is project governance created and by whom?

At a level in the organization that's usually above the project manager. The PMO or program manager will define the project governance. The governance really creates the project framework - how the project is to operate within the organization.

Why is it important to define success as early as possible in the project timeline?

  • Success means different things to different people
  • Success is often based on various constraints like schedule, costs, quality, resource, risks and the project scope.

Define - portfolio management review board

A collection of organizational decision-makers, usually executives, who will review proposed projects and programs for their value and return on investment for the organization.

Define - project customer/ end user

The person or group that will use the project deliverable. In some instances, a project may have many different customers.

Define - seller and business partners

Vendors, contractors, and business partners that help achieve projects achieve their objectives. These business partners can affect the project's success and are considered stakeholders in the project.

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