Project Stakeholder Management - Identifying the Project Stakeholders

9 important questions on Project Stakeholder Management - Identifying the Project Stakeholders

How can we group stakeholders involved in the project?

  • By their overall influence over project decisions
  • Their involvement in the project work
  • Their interest in the project outcome

What are the key reason why stakeholders need to be identified?

  • It ensures that all stakeholders are represented and identified, and that their needs, concerns and expectations are addressed prior to project planning
  • To be able to communicate with these stakeholders, which is a key activity for the project manager.

How does a contract influence stakeholder management?

A contract means that everyone involved in the contract is considered a stakeholders and thus need to be included in stakeholder management.
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What are the most important inputs for project stakeholder management?

  • Project Charter - identified the people and groups the project is for
  • Procurement Documents - to identify the contract stakeholders
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets

What is considered to be a good approach for stakeholder identification?

To meet with your stakeholders and ask who else should be involved. The meetings to do this are called profile analysis meetings.

What are the three steps for stakeholder analysis?

  1. Identify stakeholders and their interest, influence, project contributions, contact information and project expectations.
  2. Prioritize stakeholders based on their power, influence or impact on project decisions.
  3. Anticipate and plan how project stakeholders will respons in different project scenarios.

What is the purpose of classification models?

They can help to rate the stakeholders on power, influence, interest and impact they have on a project.

What are the different classification models recognized?

  • Power/ interest grids
  • Power/ influence grid
  • Influence / impact grid
  • Salience model - uses three circles to show stakeholder's power, urgency, and legitimacy over the project work, decisions, and influence on project objectives.

What two deliverables can help the project manager after identification over stakeholders?

  • Creating a stakeholder registry 
  • Creation of a stakeholder management strategy - an effort to manage stakeholder expectations and create synergies and buy-in.

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