Project Human Resource Management - Managing the Project Team

4 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Managing the Project Team

What are the tricky parts of project team management?

  • Tracking individual project team member's performance
  • Providing feedback about member's performance and project work
  • Finding solutions and facilitating conversations to find solutions for project issues
  • Managing changes to the project and project processes to improve overall project performance
  • Providing communications with all stakeholders

What is key in communication with project team members?

That a project manager first observes the project team members before he communicates. Knowing what to discuss is more important than just talking.

What must a project manager do before begin to offer appraisals?

He should understand the organizational policies and procedures to determine the type of appraisals he can provide.
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What are ways a project manager can resolve conflicts?

  • Problem solving - preferred way  - win - win
  • Forcing - force the way  - win - loose
  • Compromising - loose - loose
  • Smoothing - minimizing the size of the problem - loose - loose
  • Withdrawal - loose option, temporary

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