Project Human Resource Management - Developing the Project Team

14 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Developing the Project Team

In which situation can the development of the project team members prove to be challenging?

When the project is part of a matrix organization. Then the project team members report to both the project manager and their functional manager and may feel pulled between them.

On what angles must a project manager aim to develop the project team members?

As individuals to complete work, and as team members completing the project objectives together.

Which inputs does a project manager use to develop the project team?

  • Staff assignments
  • Human Resource Plan
  • Resource Calendar
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What is team development?

It is the guidance, direction and leadership the project manager offers to influence a project team.

What are the different kinds of authority that a project manager wields?

  1. Expert
  2. Reward -
  3. Formal - has been assigned as the PM, positional power
  4. Coercive - penalty power
  5. Referent - referent power

What are ground rules important for?

They set the boundaries, establish expectations and ensure that all members of the team are playing by the same set of rules.

Who is responsible for enforcing the ground rules?

Both the project manager and the project team members (once the ground rules are established and have been discussed)

What do we mean with Dr. Bruce Tuckman's theory of natural team development?

That project teams actually go through their own natural development processes. These phases are:
  • Forming  - learn
  • Storming - struggling for roles, authority, clarity
  • Norming - start to complete project work
  • Performing - like the name states
  • Adjourning - team moves on

What are the general management skills a project manager relies upon?

  • Leading
  • Communicating
  • Negotiating
  • Problem solving
  • Influencing - using their influence to get things done

What are important consideration when rewarding the project team?

  • There is a formal and achievable approach for performance and rewarding
  • Relationship between requirements for the reward and the power to achieve not to be limited.
  • Reward for good work
  • The culture in which the project is taking place

What is the most ideal situation for project team members to collaborate?

Collocation, being in the same physical location, which enables quick and effective communication and ad-hoc conversations.

What are types of training?

  • Formal
  • Classroom
  • On-the-job-training
  • Cross training (shadowing)

On what levels can project team performance be improved?

  • On an individual level
  • On a team level
  • Individuals and team

What is another output of team development?

The input to performance reviews of the project team members.

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