Project Human Resource Management - Preparing for Project Team Management

7 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Preparing for Project Team Management

Give the definitions for roles and responsibilities related assignments?

  • Role - Defines the accountable person by label or title
  • Authority - Has the authority to assign project resources make decisions, and sign-off
  • Responsibility - Defines the work assigned to a project team member
  • Competency - Determines what skill set is needed to complete an activity

How does the RAM support the project manager?

It is the responsibility assignment matrix. It maps project work to project team members.

How does an organizational chart support the project manager?

It can help the project manager and the project team identify the reporting relationships among the project team, management and other key stakeholders.
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What is the purpose of a staffing management plan?

It details how project team members will be brought onto the project and excused from the project, how long the resources are needed and documents what the project manager needs to complete in order to bring new project team members aboard based on the conditions of the project.

What should the staffing management plan include?

  • Details on on boarding and off-boarding
  • Account for employees time on project
  • Use employees as and when needed
  • Define timetables outlining when project team members are needed
  • Provide resources calendars
  • Define training needs and plans for the project team
  • Remove or reduce worries about employment by communication of expected need for resources
  • Define the reward and recognition system
  • Define project's compliance
  • Include a staff release plan

What is a golden rule for scheduling resources?

Only to schedule resources on a project when needed. Otherwise it is a waste of time and money and a violation of the PM code of ethics and professional conduct.

What should be done with supporting details for project decisions? And what could these include?

These should be documented. These can include
  • organizational impact - reasoning behind the decisions and alternatives considered
  • job descriptions
  • training needs

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