Project Quality Management - The big quality picture

4 important questions on Project Quality Management - The big quality picture

Which quality standards is project quality standards compatible with?

ISO 9000 and ISO quality standards

What is downside of focusing too much on the quality of the product?

  • Overworking the project team in order to complete the project.
  • A hurry to complete the project work by speeding through quality inspections.

What is the difference between grade and quality?

  • Quality is the sum of characteristics of a product that allow it to meet the demands or expectations of the project.
  • Grade is category or rank given to entities having the same functional use but different technical characteristics.
  • Low quality is always a problem whereas low grade may not be a problem,
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What are the similarities between quality and project management?

  • Customer satisfaction - conformance to requirements
  • Prevention - prevention of mistakes by inspection
  • Management responsibility - to deliver resources needed
  • Plan - do - check - act - also valid for project management
  • Kaizen technology - continuous small improvements to reduce costs and ensure consistency
  • Quality Improvement Program - TQM and Lean Six Sigma

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