Introducing Project Time Management - Controlling the Project Schedule

7 important questions on Introducing Project Time Management - Controlling the Project Schedule

What are the four factors of schedule control?

  1. It documents the current status
  2. Working with the factors that can cause schedule change and checks the change (are they needed, have they happened, can't be avoided, are they agreed upon)
  3. Examining of the work results and conditions to determine whether the schedule has changed
  4. The project manager manages the changes in the schedule.

What is the formal approach to manage changes to the project schedule?

Via a schedule control system

What are the ways a project manager can control the project schedule?

  • Manage the inputs to schedule control
  • Applying a schedule control system
  • Measuring project performance
  • Examine the schedule variance - actual vs scheduled dates
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What should a project manager watch as part of examining the schedule variance?

  • The actual vs the scheduled dates
  • The paths with float (from path with least float to path with largest float)

What should a project manager do as a result of controlling the project schedule?

  • Updating the project schedule to reflect the change
  • Applying corrective action
  • Writing lessons learned

What are ways to accommodate to change the project end-date? Which one is the most preferred?

  • Re-baselining
  • Schedule revision

Schedule revision is preferred since re-baselining is a worst case scenario and something that should only be used for long drastic delays.

What activities are included in applying corrective action?

  • Extraordinary measures to ensure work packages gets completed as scheduled
  • Extraordinary measure to ensure work packages complete with as little delay as possible
  • Root-cause analysis of schedule variances
  • Measures to recover from schedule delays.

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