Project Stakeholder Management - Controlling Stakeholder Engagement

4 important questions on Project Stakeholder Management - Controlling Stakeholder Engagement

What is the foundation for (controlling) stakeholder engagement?

A solid foundation for communications to ensure that stakeholders are well informed and no confusion information reaches them.

Which inputs are key for controlling stakeholder engagement?

  • The Project Management Plan - since it establishes the project governance and project framework
  • Project documents - especially the project schedule, stakeholder register, risk register, change log and project communications
  • Issue log
  • Work performance data

Which tools and techniques can the project manager use for controlling stakeholder engagement?

  • Face to face meetings
  • Reporting systems - for push and pull communication
  • Relying on expert judgment
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What are the four outputs of controlling stakeholder engagement?

  • Work performance information
  • Change requests
  • Project document updates - especially stakeholder registry and the issue log
  • Organizational process assets updates

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