Project Stakeholder Management - Planning for Stakeholder Management

7 important questions on Project Stakeholder Management - Planning for Stakeholder Management

What is the key philosophy of stakeholder management?

It's about communication and addressing the needs, wants, threats, and even the perceived threats of stakeholders with regard to the project, and this requires a plan.

What documents do you need to create the stakeholder management strategy?

  • The project management plan
  • The stakeholder register
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets - historical information can provide insights on how to best manage project stakeholders

What is stakeholder analysis about?

It is an approach that measures who's interested in the project work and who's interest is fading. It helps to create a strategy to keep stakeholders engaged.
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What are the five engagement groups you can put the stakeholders in?

  • Unaware - doesn't know about the project
  • Resistant - isn't keen on the changes
  • Neutral - doesn't care
  • Supportive - aware, happy and hopes to be successfull
  • Leading - supportive and helping to lead the change

Why is the power of the stakeholder important?

Since it directly affects how the project manager manages the stakeholder in the project.

What is defined in the stakeholder management plan?

  • The current stakeholder engagement levels and goals for improvement
  • Relationships among stakeholders
  • Communication requirements for the project stakeholders
  • Information to be distributed to the stakeholders, the modality of the information to be distributed, and the expectations of the stakeholders regarding the information format.
  • Documentation of why project information is distributed to which stakeholders and the expected outcome of the information distribition
  • Schedule of information distribution
  • Plan and schedule for updating the stakeholder management plan

Which two planning documents are closely related when it comes to stakeholder management?

The stakeholder management plan and the project communications plan.

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