Managing the project scope - Validating the Project Scope

5 important questions on Managing the project scope - Validating the Project Scope

What is the difference between quality control and scope validation?

Scope validation is about the acceptance of the work (the customer accepting the project deliverables). The related activity of quality control is concerned with the correctness of the work. The activities happen in tandem as quality control contributes to scope validation.

What is inspected as part scope validation?

The work results. These are compared against
  • the project plan for their completeness and
  • against the quality control measures to check  the correctness

What are the inputs that are examined as part of scope validation?

  • requirements documentation
  • product documentation
  • the project management plan
  • scope baseline
  • requirements trace-ability matrix (RTM)
  • Work performance data/ metrics
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Define - Inspection of project work

To complete the scope validation the work needs to be inspected which may require measuring, examining, and testing to prove it meets customer requirements. In industry, inspection is also known as reviews, product reviews, audit or walkthoughs,

What do we mean with formally acceptance of project deliverables?

The formal process of the customer accepting the deliverables, either at the end of a project, or at the end of a project phase (in which the scope validation may be conditional)

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