Introducing Project Time Management - Examining the Sequencing Outputs

6 important questions on Introducing Project Time Management - Examining the Sequencing Outputs

What are the most important considerations for a project manager when examining the sequencing outputs and preparing for scheduling?

  • Schedule only required work
  • FS relations are the most common and preferred
  • Activity sequencing is not the same as scheduling
  • First comes activity sequencing, then scheduling

What is the purpose of a project network diagram? (PND)

It illustrates the flow of project work and the relationship between work packages. Most PNDs are AON (Activity on Node) and use Precedence Diagramming Methods (PDM)

What should a PND be accompanied by?

An explanation of the workflow, why decisions where made and details on the preferred logic.
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How does change impact the PND?

Change to the project impact the project scope, thus the WBS and most likely the activity list that needs to be updated.

What updates may be made to the WBS ?

  • When based upon the activity list one discovers that the WBS is not complete
  • When the discovery is made that the WBS elements are not defined fully or correctly
  • Updates to reflect newly discovered information like cost estimates

What are updates to the WBS also called?

Refinements. These ensure that all of the deliverables are accounted for within the WBS.

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