Sensory systems and perception: vision

6 important questions on Sensory systems and perception: vision

What is the first stage of central processing

Central processing takes place in the five layers of the retina, information converges onto retinal ganglion cells whose axons leave the retina via the optic nerve.

Name the two systems and amount of layers they each have

The manocellular systems with two layers
Theparvocelullar system with four layers

What is the topographical mapping

Stimulating a specific location on the retina or body surface while recording centrally
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What is the arrangement of the primary visual cortex arranged?

Cortical modules or cortical columns

What is the weber-fechner law

The ability to notice the difference of just noticeable is determined by a fixed proportion of the stimulus intensity, not an absolute difference

What is the inverse problem

The ambiguity of retinal stimuli is illustrated here in terms of the perception of objects in space. The same linear projection on the retina can derive from an infinite number of linear objects at different distances, of different sizes and in different spatial orientation. The retinal image cannot specify its physical source

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