Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communucations Strategy

10 important questions on Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communucations Strategy

The promotion mix explain and name 5 major tools and their effectiveness in the stages of the buyer readiness stages.

- Advertising
- Sales promotion
- Personal selling  (personal representation to make sales and build cust.            relationships)
- Public relations: (favourable publicity-> good corporate image)
- Direct marketing: targeted consumers direct connected -> immediate response, lasting costumer relationship

What is a companies promotion mix and of which 5 aspects does it exist?

A companies promotion mix is the total set of marketing tools a company uses to communicate with customers and build relationships. It consists of;

- Advertising
- Personal selling
- Sales promotion
- Direct / digital marketing
- Public relations

Consumers are more informed&empowered mass marketing is used less and new technologies change communication this has led to this led to a need for Integrated marketing communications. What is this? 

Carefully integrating and coordinating the company's communication channels to give a clear compelling and message about the product and organization.

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What are the the fields and the elements in which the IMC is divided?

Sender and receiver fields

senders field:
- sender
- encoding
- feedback

receiver field:
- decoding
- response

between encoding and decoding there is media and can be interrupted by noise and encoding/ decoding differences

What type of promotion is a....
- Direct message on your phone "we have ... In sale now!"
- Direct message on your phone "you bought ... Last week, now we have ... In sale!"

The first is more sales promotion, the latter is more direct marketing.

What are the steps towards developing effective marketing communication. 

1 Identifying target audience
2 Determining communication objectives (a goal is to move target costumers through the stage of buyer readiness towards a purchase response).
3  Designing the message (aida & rotional/ emotional appeals)
4 Choosing communication channels:
- personal communication channels (face to face, buzz marketing, word to mouth)
- non personnel communication
5 selecting the message source 
6 collecting feedback

How can the promotion mix aspects be transmitted to the public? And which relate to a certain promotion aspect? (6)

1. Discounts
2. Coupons
3. Press release = PR
4. Sponsorship = PR
5. Catalogs = direct marketing
6. Kiosk = direct marketing

Which aspect of the PESTEL has the biggest impact on the tools of marketing communication?


What is the big shift in marketing communication?

Less broadcasting and more narrowcasting.

What is integrated marketing communications and why do marketers focus on this?

This involves many communications channels to transmit a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organization and its products. Marketers do this because mixed communication sources can blurry an image.

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