Communicating customer value: integrated marketing communications strategy - A View of the Communication Process

7 important questions on Communicating customer value: integrated marketing communications strategy - A View of the Communication Process

What are the three steps of the marketing communication process?

1. Identify target audience

2. Determine the communication objectives to build a relationship and guide customers through the 5A's.

3. Design a message, while taking into account content, structure and format.

What are the 5A's you need to guide customers through?

Awareness (know), appeal (like), ask, act (buy), advocacy (talk).

While designing the message, we need to take into account the content, regarding appeal; rational, emotional and moral. What's the difference?

Rational -relates to the audience self-interest. It shows the product will produce the desired benefit.

Emotional - positive or negative emotions that can motivate purchase.

Moral - sense of what is "right", mostly the case with social causes, such as cleaner environment.
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When designing a message, you need to take into account the structure regarding; conclusion, argument and one or two arguments in a message. Elaborate on this.

- You need to think about whether you want to draw conclusions in your message, or you want to ask questions and let the receiver draw conclusions itself.

- You need to think about whether you want the best argument first or last.

- You need to think about whether you want to focus on one argument, or on two in terms of positive and negative. Most company's choose for the first option.

When sending a communication message, you consider personal or non-personal channels. What's the difference?

In personal channels, two or more people communicate directly with each other. They are effective because you can address people personally and receive feedback.

Non-personal channels consist of media that carry messages without personal contact or feedback. This affect buyers directly.

The purpose of communication is engaging customers and build relationships. There are nine aspects involved when communicating. What are those nine aspects?

Sender - who sends the message
Encoding - the sender processes the message into symbols
Message - of those symbols, a message is made up
Media - channels by which the message is send to the receiver
Decoding - the process in which the receiver symbolized the message
Receiver - the other party who receives the message
Respons - the reaction of the receiver
Feedback - the part of receivers respons communicated back to the sender
Noise - unplanned distortion during the communication process.

Which two of the nine communication aspects need to be aligned in order to communicate effectively?

The senders encoding and receivers decoding.

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